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Facility Usage Associated Costs           

A full policy and all necessary paperwork necessary for any use of the building spaces other than  for worship or regular church activities is available in the church office. This document specifies only the financial expectations for that use. All building use must be scheduled through the church office ONLY, and written on the office calendar.

The local funeral home coordinates with area clergy and fees are established and billed to the families in the funeral paperwork, as the service is planned. Each family pays the funeral home directly; the funeral home will make all payments for work/services provided directly to the person(s)/entity involved. The pastor, musician, and serving group are consulted as needed to adjust these fees for the community norm.

For services where no funeral home is used, the pastor will discuss expectations as the service is planned. The family will be responsible for making payments directly to the person(s)/ entity involved on or before the day of the service. Those expectations will correspond to charges for weddings and general building usage, as well as usual funeral home fees.

Weddings - Ceremony
A $100.00 deposit is required of any couple wishing to schedule a wedding in order to confirm the date of the ceremony. Checks will be cashed and held up to 2 weeks after the ceremony. This amount may be kept if additional cleanup was necessary. The deposit will be refundable, up to 2 weeks before the ceremony, or if no additional costs are incurred at/after the ceremony. In the event of cancellation, clergy and musicians may have expended hours they should be reimbursed for, depending on time frame.

See Exhibit A below for the stated fees in the paperwork the couple signs at the date confirmed.

Additional information regarding expectations around wedding ceremonies is stated in the wedding paperwork the pastor and couple will go over at their first meeting.

Fellowship Hall Events (Other than funeral lunches)
Fellowship Hall may be utilized for other events, including, but not limited to receptions, birthday parties, family reunions, non-profit conferences, etc. The following schedule applies, with payment due 2 weeks before the event, made to Eagle Grove United Methodist Church. Scheduling must be done through the church office ONLY.

See Exhibit B below for the stated fees.

Food Served at any Fellowship Hall Event and all Funeral Lunches
Refreshments and/or meals can be served, arranged in advance, coordinating with the United Women of Faith. All catered meals and/or groceries are to be paid for by the family/group. Food preparation, if necessary, serving, and use of the church kitchen equipment and table service should be discussed with the United Wormen of Faith. Additional financial gifts are appreciated for more complex situations.

See Exhibit C below for serving fees, paid to the United Women of Faith the day of the event. 

Alcoholic Beverages are NOT Permitted at any Time on Church Property.

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